Can I get a Debt Relief Order if I have rent arrears ?

A Debt Relief Order is a financial arrangement that can be made by a person as a way of avoiding bankruptcy. However a successful applicant must meet the required debt relief order criteria . You should check to see whether you think you would qualify and if in doubt seek professional advice from a debt advisor. Rent arrears in itself would not disqualify a person from having access to a debt relief order. It is essential however to make sure that you keep up the payments on your house whether to a Housing Association or your local council. Rent payments if they are not maintained could eventually lead to eviction or repossession, so they would normally be classed as an essential payment and a high priority under a DRO. If you are in a position where you have not been able to pay your rent, you should consult professional advice asap if you haven’t done so already. Your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau will be able to help put you in contact with all the relevant agencies and will talk over your various options.


Debt Relief Order and Rent Arrears – Further Information

The UK government’s Insolvency Service also has some useful resources on their website regarding debt relief orders and how they work under a variety of circumstances.

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Debt relief order rent arrears

Debt relief order rent arrears

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