How long is it before a debt is written off?

To get a debt written off will depend on a number of variables. To begin to answer the question of how much time you will have a debt for, it will also depend upon the law in the country you live in. It will also depend on the kind of debt you have, whether it is for a mortgage for your home, car or student loan, money owed on credit cards, bad debt, people you owe money to or even for a mobile phone bill. Or maybe you are being chased by debt collectors for money. Many will panic and find out about debt managements plans, but before you do anything, make sure you get the best debt help and advice available.

If you haven’t has any correspondence from a creditor in 6 years, then the debt problems cannot be pursued through the courts, unless it is a court fine, HMRC bill or council tax arrears etc. So, how many years before a old debt is written off ? Well, it is not technically written off, but it means that after this time, a company cannot take you to court over it, or force you to pay or enforce collection. Legally there is a time limit to how many years you can be pursued for.
In practice, companies will eventually give up, and effectively means the credit you owe is written off and erased. However, the worst thing you can do is to simply ignore any outstanding amount you may have, continue struggling with debt and hope that it will just go away. If the amount is deemed to be payable, then you will be expected to pay the full amount back to creditors and keep up with your payment plan until everything is cleared. The last thing you want is bailiffs at your house.  If you are still being pursued by a loan or credit company or collection agency or threatened with legal action , it is worth contacting your local credit bureaus or debt charity for free debt advice, such as  Citizen’s Advice Bureau or another Debt Advice organisation.  They will be able to advise about options such as a debt relief order (DRO ),  county court judgements, writing off debt, individual voluntary arrangements, effects on your credit score and many other things.  They may also be able to advise about a debt management plan for you.  There are of course limitations as to what they might be able to do on your behalf, so you will need to be prepared to do some work your self, making phone calls, making sure you keep to agreed monthly payments and instalments . If you are concerned about your future credit rating, you can request a credit report . A credit report can indicate how likely you will be able to borrow credit or take our personal loans from a bank or building society in the future.

How long does debt last? – credit cards

To get a bank or credit card company to wipe credit card spend is almost impossible. However, in the United States, a similar law exists to the law found in the UK statute books that limits the number of years a company may pursue a person through the courts for a collectable  credit debt. In the USA it is also after a period of six years has passed, that a creditor will no longer be able to go through the courts, although a debt collector , lenders  or collection agencies may still try and put pressure on you to cough up.

However, if  you are still wondering how to get debt free , it isn’t something that banks really do and the debt if unpaid, is likely to be with you for life. A bank could serve a bankruptcy order and force you to sell your assets in order to get a debt repaid if you have nothing in your bank account . Another solution may be some kind of debt management plan, in which you would need to pay back the amount owed over a set period of time. In the UK an IVA, and individual voluntary arrangement application fulfills this role. So, in the end, how you have your debts written off ? There are no easy answers, but there are always people and organisations and bureaus  who can help with debt write off, such as CAB in the UK, CAP (Christians against Poverty) and many others. Whatever you do make sure that any organisation is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.



years for debts to be wiped out

How long before a debt is written off


How many years before a bad or unpaid debt is written off ?


If  you aren’t making progress with your loans or debt consolidation etc, what can you do? As impossible as it may seem just now, you need to think through how you might be able to fulfil remaining debt payments , because it isn’t just going to go away. We all get into debt for a reason. Apart from unmitigating circumstances, such as the death of a spouse, or having to pay a large medical, many financial difficulties are self inflicted by spending more than we are earning. So start by trying to do a budget. Find our exactly what you are spending your money on each month and write it down. Work out where you are wasting money and where you can make savings. Then figure out if there is a way that you can increase your income, maybe by taking on another job or an extra shift at work. These simple steps will hopefully, take you closer to being free of your debts in the long run. It won’t happen over night, but will need determination on your part and consistency. Whatever you do, don’t panic. Take your time to get the information you need and then get a management plan in place and take action. Taking action is something you cannot afford not to do.
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