I can’t pay my rent arrears – how to get help

Needing debt help and advice and can’t pay your rent arrears – what can you do? If you find your self in this situation, there are several things you will need to consider carefully.

Firstly, you should notify your landlord as soon as possible and ask for clarification on your rent arrears and what you are owe. If you have received a rent arrears letter from your landlord then you need to attend to it immediately  You must not ignore any letter you receive in the hope that the problems will go away due to the law about landlord’s rights. Check with the landlord that they have a correct record of all your previous payments. Some rental companies like Pasadena property management and development will allow for some delays, others might not.

If you share a property with another tenant, ask for clarification on what is owed specifically by you. It is also important that you discuss with your landlord how you can pay back rent arrears and over what period of time. If you don’t keep up with your payments there is a risk you could face a rent arrears eviction from your home.

If I can’t pay my rent, what other options are there for me?

As it is important that you are able to pay back any rent owed, you will need to consider ways to do this. One thing you should check is that you are receiving all the housing benefit or any other benefits that you are entitled to. Even a slight increase in benefits could help you pay back any money owed to your landlord. You may also be entitled to access to grants to help with rent arrears payments. What if I can’t pay my rent because I have other debts? If you are diverting funds to pay off other debts, you may want to investigate a debt relief order, or dro as it is sometimes called. If you are unsure of you entitlements, you should go to your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau , or debt charity as soon as possible. They will also be able to advise you further on your various options such as a rent arrears loan and how much you would get, but you should always get good advice before taking out any loan. If you have concerns about a landlord evicting you, then you need to get the best advise as soon as possible.

Another thing you should check is that you are receiving the correct amount of  Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits if you have children at home.

What if my landlord won’t accept repayments

Technically, your landlord could still take you to court fo debt recovery whether you pay part of what you owe or even if you are paying the full amount. In a situation like this you should still try and pay what you can and ask for a receipt of payment, as this may help if it does go to court.

What should I do if I have council rent arrears?

First seek debt help and advice before you do anything. If you have council tenant rent arrears or live in a housing association property, they are more likely to accept a debt repayment plan than perhaps a private landlord. Your local council will also be able to offer advice on benefits and debt management and help reach a good solution for all parties involved.